Fondazzjoni Sport Bir?ebbu?a welcomes plans for new football ground

Fondazzjoni Sport Bir?ebbu?a, a foundation which brings together Bir?ebbu?a St Peter’s FC and Bir?ebbu?a Windmill Football Nursery, was established more than two years ago with the aim of developing and running a new football ground in Bir?ebbu?a. The plans to develop such a facility announced during the budget speech was good news to the Foundation and to the Bir?ebbu?a residents at large.

The Foundation had set the ball rolling by submitting an application to MEPA in early 2008. It is hoped that once the necessary development permits are approved, the project could then take off.

The Foundation’s Board of Administration welcomes the government’s commitment to finance the project and acknowledges with appreciation all the support it receives to complement its efforts. Sports facilities in Bir?ebbu?a have been lacking for years. This is why this new commitment shows there is the will to tackle the situation without further delay.