New kits presented to referees

The Malta Football Referees Association officially presented the Match and Training kits to a hall packed with Referees and Assistant Referees on Monday at the FXDD offices in Valletta. For the first time the MFRA has reached an agreement with a sponsor which will provide a full kit to the Referees. This partnership with FXDD will run till December 2012 and the kits will be used for the first time this Friday 14th of January.

Lorry Sammut, President of the MFRA expressed his satisfaction with regards to the signing of this sponsorship and said “A full kit will be provided for each and every referee including a training kit. This is a significant signing as there was never a sponsorship of this kind in the Referees Association’s history”.

The instructional meeting started with awards being handed out to referees with fifteen years of service to the local football community and as well as end of career awards to various referees who had retired once they reached forty seven years of age.

Sammut expressed his satisfaction that once again the Association was at the forefront in participating in charitable events. He also stressed the fact that next year he hopes that the Association’s members will manage to participate in even more events for such good causes.

Norman Darmanin Demajo and Lorry Sammut also presented a blue Adidas kit which will also be available to the referees at a later stage in addition to the yellow and black kits already available. This was also made possible with the assistance of Teamsport.

Norman Darmanin Demajo commented “First of all I have to thank Lorry Sammut, the representatives of FXDD and all those who contributed to this sponsorship. It is a very positive thing to have a decent uniform but refereeing is not a fashion show. A uniform does not make a referee it is the decisions you make which count, just like a players’ shoes does not make them a better footballer. I am very happy about the level of refereeing but you are only good as your next game”.

Darmanin Demajo revealed “We are looking into the psychological and mental preparation of referees before the match and to this extent I can tell you that we are bringing over a top person in the field to conduct a seminar in March”.

Lorry Sammut thanked President Darmanin Demajo again and expressed his satisfaction that the MFA also provided a corporate box for FXDD at the National Stadium in Ta’ Qali.

Photo (2): Copyright © domenic aquilina/MFA