Juventus Soccer School coach in Malta

Luca Corona, a qualified football coach specializing in young footballers and currently employed with the Juventus Soccer School Academy is currently in Malta conducting various training sessions with the Juventus Soccer School Malta participants.

Mr. Corona who was sent to Malta from the Juventus Soccer School of Torino is currently assessing both the Maltese players and also the local coaches enrolled within the Malta section – the Juventus Soccer School.

His visit also happens at a time when the enrollment of the JSS Maltese players reached an encouraging number of 55 regular attendees. Luca Corona attended and conducted sessions on two days both sessions being organized and staged at the new Pembroke Athleta FC synthetic ground.

He is now due to report back to the Technical Centre of the Juventus Soccer School in Torino his feedback about the quality, skill, and dedication of both the players and the coaches.

On Friday morning, coach Luca Corona paid a visit to one of the local primary schools in Malta, mainly the primary school within the Maria Regina College – the St Paul’s Bay Primary School. He was welcomed at the school by Headmistress Ms. Lina Deguara who explained the particular interest of sports of the majority of her pupils. Mr Corona then conducted a 60 minute demonstration session utilizing students from this school as players. Mr Charles Borg, Head Coach of the Juventus Soccer School branch in Malta and also recently appointed as Tecnico II within the Juventus University, accompanied Mr Corona.

The Juventus Soccer School Malta branch was recently re-established in Malta thanks to Events Services,
a local company that focuses on Sports, Media and Entertainment.

Sandro Micallef, one of the Directors of Events Services, said that it was an honour to have Luca Corona visiting our Malta branch. He added that the contract signed between his company and the Juventus Soccer School represented by Nike International of Torino comprises 3 visit per season by Italian Soccer School coaches. Mr Micallef said that after the successful recent trip to Torino with the under 13s of the Juventus Soccer School Malta all is being set for yet another trip this time for the Under 11 category.

This trip is scheduled between the 5th and 9th of March. Parents requiring additional information or wishing to enroll their children in the Juventus Soccer School Malta are to contact Events Services on eventsservices@gmail.com or by contacting Mr Charles Borg on 99516062.