Statement by Zejtun Corinthians

Second Division club Zejtun Corinthians issued a statement following remarks with regards to the BOV Second Division match between Zejtun and Naxxar Lions.

In the statement, the club condemns those actions, in any form whatsoever, which go against the true spirit of sport. At the same time, the club appeals to those concerned to take necessary action to stop such incidents from happening

The club pointed out sensational comments by particular presenters whose comments do not help to improve the situation even more so if they did not give a clear picture of what had happened.

The statement, signed by secretary Carmelo Abela, stresses that the club condemns any unsportive act and appeals for all to support their team without the need of insults and provocation.

Zejtun Corinthians will, as usual, be ready to help the MFA and Police in trying to keep a good and clean atmosphere within the local game.