New partnership between Marsaxlokk and Inspire

Marsaxlokk FC signed a co-operation agreement with Inspire thanks to which the two parties will be supporting each other while participating in events organised by the two organisations. The agreement was revealed during a press conference which was held at the Inspire premises in Marsascala.

Inspire Chief Executive Nathan Farrugia said the fact that football was a popular sport in Malta and that Marsaxlokk was one of the leading sides in the Premier League should help in promoting and raising awareness about the programmes and services offered by Inspire.

Farrugia said he was glad that this co-operation agreement with Marsaxlokk was signed since the latter will help the organisation promote its mission and ideas. As an organisation which promotes inclusion, sports and recreation are of utmost importance for people with special needs in order to participate actively. In this way, the abilities of all could be appreciated.

Marsaxlokk FC president Robert Micallef said that with the help of members, supporters, players, officials and coaches, the club wanted to express its support towards the organisation and its clients, helping them integrate themselves better into society.

Thanks to this agreement, the two parties will be using each other’s facilities.

Robert Micallef then presented Nathan Farrugia with the Marsaxlokk FC shirt showing the Inspire logos. Marsaxlokk FC will in fact be wearing a shirt with two logos on the sleeves – that of Inspire and that of the Inspire Fitness Centre.