US Triestina youth sector director in Malta visit

Mr Francesco Schiraldi, who is the Director of the youth sector of Italian Serie B club US Triestina, visited Malta. Mr Schiraldi is one of the founders of Triestina Soccer School Malta and in Italy has vast experience in the nursery and youth sectors. During his stay in Malta, Schiraldi also led one of the training sessions held at De La Salle College in Cottonera.

At the end of the training session, Schiraldi had the opportunity to speak to the children attending Triestina Soccer School Malta. He also discussed the training programme with the school head coach Peter Pullicino. Together with Kenneth Vella and Robert Busuttil, President and Vice President respectively of the school, Francesco Schiraldi discussed the running of the school. He also met Bro Martin Borg fsc, Director of the College and who is also a consultant for Triestina Soccer School Malta.

Francesco Schiraldi commented that in the past months, Triestina Soccer School Malta managed to establish itself on the Maltese islands. “Our professionalism and commitment were also evident during the Christmas period when the US Triestina team visited Malta for a training camp and took part in the first edition of the Capodanno Cup held at the Ta’ Qali National Stadium,” commented Schiraldi.

Francesco Schiraldi confirmed that in the coming weeks a number of teams within the US Triestina nursery will be visiting Malta and will be taking part in international tournaments organized by Maltese nurseries. The participation of these teams is being co-ordinated by officials of Triestina Soccer School Malta.

Mr Schiraldi thanked General Soft Drinks Company Limited and Powerade, Virtu’ Ferries and Muller Licht who are the official sponsors of the school. It was also confirmed that in the coming weeks, coaches of US Triestina nursery will be visiting Malta and will give training sessions to children attending the local school.
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