More Brazilian players set to come to Malta

Former Brazilian striker Eduardo Do Nascimento confirmed that he is no longer working together with Brazilian soccer agency FootballBrazil and revealed that more Brazilian players are set to join local clubs.

Bizu told that for the past six years he has been trying to build a good relation with local clubs and was a key person in attracting a number of new players to Malta. He said clubs are constantly contacting him with the hope of finding good foreign players.

As regards possible complaints from players, Bizu explained that sometimes it was impossible to maintain the expectations of certain players although he always tried his best. He said his venture was not an easy one considering that he covered the expenses to bring players to Malta, hoping that they would get a good contract in order to get returns from his investment.

Bizu concluded by thanking FootballBrazil for the ten players which came to Malta through their agency and thanked all the local clubs for their trust and respect over the past six years.

He finally revealed that a number of players are set to come to Malta as from next month to join local clubs. Over the past six years, forty two players came to Malta through contacts established by Bizu.