Lija/Iklin Youth Nursery supports Puttinu Cares

The Lija/Iklin Football Youth Nursery participated in the national campaign to collect funds for ‘Puttinu Cares’ by holding its own activity at the Lija Athletic Football Ground, with the approval and consent of the organising committee.

The activity was aimed to involve the junior sector of the Nursery and for 2 hours on Saturday 7th May, this involved football, fun games, entertainment etc. Many parents also participated in the event.

All participants were asked to contribute a donation of at least €2 and the funds collected were handed over to a representative of the Organising Committee who, besides raising awareness about the validity and importance of supporting ‘Puttinu Cares’ thanked the Parents and Supporters sub-committee or the Nursery who was responsible for running the event and all the participants.