Andrew Hogg testimonial for Blood Donation Support Group

The Malta Blood Donation Support Group launched its new website in conjunction with, and the National Blood Transfusion Service.

Director Dr. Alex Aquilina, Dr. Stephen Spiteri MP, Mr. Chris Agius MP, MFA Treasurer Mr. Antoine Portelli, Valletta FC and Malta goalkeeper Andrew Hogg and Mr. Stephen Gatt were the speakers during a press conference which was held at the premises of the Blood Transfusion Service in Gwardaman?a.

Dr. Aquilina explained the function of the Blood Transfusion Services and expressed his satisfaction that a new blood donation support group was set up with the aim of getting more sports people to donate blood. He explained that sports people have a very important role in our society as they are looked at as role models and they should be the first to set an example and donate blood. All other speakers emphasised the need that people in general and sportsmen in particular should help in this cause by giving blood.

Mr. Stephen Gatt, founder of this group, explained the function of this group especially where sportsmen, sports administrators and supporters are concerned. This group works in a supporting role to the efforts made the Blood Transfusion Services in educating and encouraging more people to give blood.

A new website was set up with the help of, a new social networking website with the primary objectives of helping organisations and charities expand their message. Andrew Hogg, National Team and Valletta FC goalkeeper will be the ambassador for this campaign.

By registering in this site one can give support to the cause or become a new donor. An educational programme in nurseries and schools will soon start with the aim of making students aware of the value of giving blood.