Said presents number of proposals ahead of resumption of Floriana AGM

A record number of members attended the Floriana FC Annual General Meeting which was held on Saturday.

A discussion over the club’s future followed the approval of the administrative and financial reports for season 2010/11.

President Johann Said presented a number of proposals meant to put the club on a sound basis in the coming years. Among the proposals is the set-up of a management structure focussing on the different needs of the club and which involves experienced persons who had served in Floriana FC committees in past.

Said also mentioned new initiatives that could be taken by persons who had never served in the Floriana committee but have a lot to contribute in such management structure.

During the meeting, it was decided that the closing date for nominations for members of the committee will be extended until June 19th, three days before the Annual General Meeting resumes on June 22nd.

Johann Said said that if his proposals will be accepted, he would be ready to submit his nomination.