First committee for Cottonera United Youth Nursery appointed

A few months following the announcement that the Senglea, Vittoriosa and St. George’s nurseries will join forces and play their competitive games under the name of Cottonera United Youth Nursery, the first committee for season 2011/12 was elected on Monday 7th June. This procedure was possible after the MFA Executive Committee approved the project and new regulations were approved by the Council.

The committee of Cottonera United Youth Nursery is made up of two representatives from each nursery – the Senglea Nursery, the St. George’s Nursery and the Vittoriosa Stars Nursery.

Mr. Stephen Spiteri, was appointed President of Cottonera United Youth Nursery while Hon. Chris Agius was designated as Secretary, Mr. Victor Zarb was nominated as cashier while Mr. Franco Scicluna, Mr. Costance Calleja and Mr. Andrew Bugeja will serve as members.

This new committee has already started operating and working hard on the professional setup of the Cottonera United Youth Nursery for season 2011/12. The committee is already pondering and working on the professional coaching staff it intends to engage, the new Cottonera United kits and the training grounds it intends to utilise.

Cottonera United Youth Nursery is issuing a call for applications for Head Coach and coaches within this nursery. All those interested can email their details to or phone Mr. Stephen Spiteri on 79373836.

Players who are interested in joining the nursery should send a mail to or phoning 79373836 or visit any of our Senglea, Vittoriosa or Cospicua nurseries.

The objective behind this merger was to unite the people of Cottonera and strive to obtaining the best possible results for these Cottonera children and youths in order to have a brighter and more competitive future, thanks to this nursery: one team, a competitive one, a team for all Cottonera, the COTTONERA UNITED YOUTH NURSERY F.C.