Maltese official in UEFA Regions Cup finals

FIFA Assistant Referee Joe Camilleri has been appointed by UEFA as one of eight international assistant referees for the Final Round which is being held in Portugal.

Braga, losing finalists in 2001, have the honour of hosting the Final Round which is taking place in the Minho region, in the north of Portugal.

The only participating association to have already won this competition is the Czech Republic (with the Central Moravia team in 2000-2001). Turkey, meanwhile are making their first appearance in a UEFA Regions’ Cup final round.

Amateur teams representing 39 national associations have been taking part in the 7th UEFA Regions’ Cup, which got under way at the end of last August. Now, after the qualifying and intermediate rounds, there are just eight teams left in the running which have been drawn in the following two groups:

Group A: Braga (Portugal), Zlin Region (Czech Republic), Yednyst Plysky AMA (Ukraine) and Württembergischer FV (Germany).

Group B: South Region AMA (Russia), Team Belgrade (Serbia), Team Ankara (Turkey) and Leinster & Munster (Republic of Ireland).

The group matches run from 21 to 26 June in Fão, Braga, Vila Verde and Barcelos. The winners of each group will contest the final to be played on 28 June at Estadio Cidade de Barcelos.

Mr Camilleri up to now was involved in these two matches which were played in Barcelos:

•On Tuesday 21: Ankara–Leinster & Munster (0-0)
•On Thursday 23: Braga–Yednyst Plysky AMA (2-1)

On Sunday, Mr Camilleri will officiate in one of the last group matches Württembergischer–Braga, to be played in Campo Cruz de Reguengo, Vila Verde.