Maltese referees take part in international tournament

The Malta Football Referees Association team placed seventeenth from twenty-seven participating referee teams in the Referee Cup which was held in Lüneburg.

The team played seven matches in all, winning three, losing two with the other two matches ending in draws.

The match against SV Eintracht Luneburg was cancelled as one of the teams failed to show up for the tournament.

MFRA vs Lahden Erotuomarikerho (Finland) 1 – 1 (Franco Cachia)
SV Eintracht Luneburg vs MFRA – Walk Over
MFRA vs SR Vereinigung Herford 0 – 1
SR Vereinigung Herford vs MFRA 2 – 1 (Jude Amin Utulu)
NFV Kreis Verden vs MFRA 1 – 1 (Jude Amin Utulu)
MFRA vs VFL Bad Schwartau 3 – 0 (Jude Amin Utulu, Sandro Spiteri 2)
MFRA vs SR Vereinigung Wetzlar 4 – 0 (Saviour Tanti, Glenn Tonna, Jude Amin Utulu 2)
Wiener Sr Kollegium vs MFRA 1 – 2 (Jude Amin Utulu 2)