Four MFA officials in UEFA committees

UEFA has announced its new list of committee members for the period between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2013 as well as the list of members of the UEFA disciplinary bodies – the Control and Disciplinary Body and Appeals Body. Among the members of these committees are four top MFA officials.

MFA Senior Vice-President Carmelo Bartolo was named as a member in the Legal Committee while Vice-President Ludovico Micallef was confirmed as a member in the Youth and Amateur Football Committee. Vice-President Alex Manfre was appointed 3rd Vice-Chairman in the Media Committee while MFA Chief Executive Officer Bjorn Vassallo was named as a member in the Players’ Status, Transfer and Agents and Match Agents Committee.

Nineteen committees are involved in shaping UEFA policy across the broad palette of European football. The committees discuss issues ranging from medical matters and players’ status or transfers to refereeing, finance and the UEFA competitions. They submit advice, proposals and recommendations to UEFA’s Executive Committee, which may also delegate some of its duties to a committee