Beach Soccer Champions gets underway

The Gilette Beach Soccer Championship in Birzebbugia is attracting a sizeable crowd at the stadium erected for the tournament. Professional silica sand is being used and tents have been put up for the players to be used as changing rooms in Pretty Bay.

Two courses have come to an end, with a specific course having a good attendance of twelve coaches. Spain’s national team captain, Ramiro Figueiras Amarelle, directed this course. He is a player synonymous with Beach Soccer, and with his talent and technique it are evidenced in the international scene, such that he is compared to the Maradona of Beach Soccer.

Another course was also organised by FIFA, MFA and the Malta Beach Soccer Association (MBSA) for referees by Stefan Fassler which was attended by 14 referees who have been instructed with the Beach Soccer regulations which are different from that of football and somewhat similar to those of Futsal.

Cheerleaders are providing entertainment before the games start and during the intervals with matches which have till now offered a good level of beach soccer and already highlighting quality players.

The tournament will continue this weekend.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina

Friday 22 July 2011
Benjamin Team vs. Demons Fc 6-1
Export Lions vs. Eurosport Beachballers 5-4

Saturday 23 July 2011
Vecchia Signora vs. Pink Pearls 2-0
Gharghur AFC vs. Godfather Hamrun 1-9
New Team vs. Sunny Beach 3-2
Beach Boys vs. Hal Fornaro 1-1 (4-3 pen)
Export Lions vs. Gharghur AFC 5-3
Samurai Team vs. Demons Team 3-2

Sunday 24 July 2011
Eurosport Beach Ballers vs. Beach Boys 3-10
Godfather Hamrun vs. Hal Fornaro 3-1
Demons FC vs. New Team 1-13
Export Lions vs. Godfather Hamrun 4-6
Gharghur AFC vs. Beach Boys 0-7