Excellent performances by Melita teams at Welsh Super Cup

All participating teams from the Melita FC Youth Nursery registered excellent results and good performances at this year’s Welsh International Super Cup which took place in Cardiff between the 25th and 29th July.

This year, Melita FC Youth Nursery fielded a large contingent of 52 players who participated in four different categories namely Under-9, Under-10, Under-11 and Under-13. Considering the level of play, the Melita teams obtained very good results even against higher rated international opposition.

Participating in the Under-9 category, the Melita Yellows team remained undefeated throughout the whole tournament, winning four and drawing two. This was considered a great achievement for the young boys from Melita, who in both final play-offs games came back from behind and register victories against very stiff opposition.

The other team playing in the U9s category, Melita Reds, pulled up their socks after the initial three losses on the first day and registered three straight wins to place first in their respective group.

The Under-10s also had a good run of games and played some very good football in a tough and alien environment. They took some time to settle down losing two and winning one game, however in the final stages the boys pulled themselves together and managed 3 wins, a draw and 1 loss.

The Under-11s immediately started on a good run, winning the first two games and losing only to a very strong Jamie Shore Academy, which today is considered to be a feeder nursery to no other than the premier league side, Blackpool. After placing second in the group stages, the Under-11s found the going tough and in the final stages only managed two losses and a draw.

In the Under-13s category, the Melita FC team went on to a winning start registering three straight wins. The results placed them first in the group and as a result were drawn against the strongest team of the Super Cup, namely Cardiff City. After the loss against Cardiff City, the Under-13s went on to beat Athlone SL Eagles only to lose the final two games.

Given the overall performances and excellent results, the Melita boys made their club and the large contingent of parents that accompanied the players to Cardiff, extremely proud.