Valletta FC launch television programme

Valletta FC launched their own television programme Valletta Side which will be screened on Smash Television on Tuesdays at 19:30. Details about the programme were revealed during a press conference which was held at the Le Meridien St. Julian’s on Friday.

Valletta FC president Victor Sciriha said this programme will be giving the club another means of communication with supporters although it will not only focus on Valletta FC but also on the local game in general.

In fact, the programme will feature all Premier League matches which are played during the weekend.

Vice-president Alex Fenech explained that this programme was another initiative as part of the club’s commercial development. He went on to say that Valletta FC aimed at running the club as a business and hope that this programme, besides providing another link with supporters, would attract advertisers and hence provides the club more revenue.

Guests in the programme will include not only committee members, officials, players and possibly supporters but also other persons who are not related to the club.

Supporters will have their say through phone-ins and SMSs. Those who phone during the programme or send an SMS during the whole schedule of forty programmes which will be broadcast throughout the season will have the opportunity to win two tickets for a trip with the team for one of the European competitions this summer.

The programme, presented by Mario Micallef, will feature awards for the Best Valletta Goal and the Best Valletta Player.

Committee member Anthony Thorne and presenter Mario Micallef also addressed the press conference.