Bank of Valletta renews partnership with MFA

Bank of Valletta signed a new three year agreeement with the Malta Football Association through which the bank is being recognised as the Official Sponsor of the National Leagues and the Super Cup for the current and the two upcoming football seasons. This is the third consecutive three-year sponsorship agreement that BOV has signed with the MFA.

The new agreement was signed by Bank of Valletta Chief Executive Officer Tonio Depasquale, BOV Chief Officer Operations Michael Galea, MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo and Honorary Treasurer Antoine Portelli.

“A new feature of this new agreement is the sponsorship for the first time of the Women’s League,” said Mr Depasquale. “This will widen the Bank’s involvement in all sectors of Maltese football. We are pleased to be contributing to the development of this sport in Malta and to the positive results that are being achieved with an increase in the quality of football played.”

The Bank’s CEO said that the support and promotion of sports in Malta constituted a key pillar of BOV’s Community Programme. With football being the biggest sport on the island, it was also getting the biggest sponsorship by the Bank.

“We are delighted to note that the local football clubs are benefiting directly from the Bank’s sponsorship enabling them to further invest in the development of players and the game. We are also pleased to note that attendance at the football stadia has continued to increase confirming football as the most popular sport on our islands,” said Mr. Depasquale.

He concluded by wishing the MFA every success in its work and said that Bank of Valletta is looking forward to continue to work closely with the Association and to support its efforts to promoted the game of football in Malta.

MFA president Norman Darmanin Demajo stressed on the fact that rather than being a sponsorship agreement, this was more of a partnership agreement at a time where Financial Fair Play and Corporate Social Responsibility are of utmost importance.

Darmanin Demajo said that once again clubs will benefit directly from this sponsorship while the association would be able to continue working to raise the level of the game and to continue upgrading the facilities at all stadia.

He concluded by thanking Mr. Tonio Depasquale personally for being a person who understood the assocaition’s needs, stressing that without the Bank, the “infrastructural revolution” would not have been possible.

The outgoing BOV CEO thanked Darmanin Demajo and said that these agreements were corporate decisions and is confident that newly-appointed Charles Borg will continue this relationship with the Malta Football Association.

Photos: Copyright © domenic aquilina/MFA