Marsaxlokk players ask MFA to open transfer window

Marsaxlokk players called the Malta Football Association to open the transfer window for the club to be able to sell some of their players in order to solve its financial difficulties. This was revealed during a press conference by the Marsaxlokk players during which they explained the current situation.

Marsaxlokk captain Carlo Mamo said the players believed something had to be done to solve the current crisis. He said the club’s new administration is working hard but they have a difficult burden to carry as a Premier League clubs needs substantial finances.

Mamo said that the team was still without a coach and the players were training and playing with the risk of suffering injuries for which they are not covered. He said the players are frustrated because of this situation and have informed the Malta Football Association that action had to be taken in order to solve this problem.

The Marsaxlokk captain appealed to the association to open the transfer window now so that the club could sell some of its players immediately. In this way, the club could save on their wages for the months of November and December and obtain the much needed cash which would help them settle some of the amounts due. At the same time, players could solve the uncertainty they are facing.

Especially in the case of full-timers, such as the foreign players on the books of the club, they earn their living through this job and therefore it was important for them to leave Marsaxlokk and join other clubs.

Carlo Mamo said that FIFA regulations state that it is at the discretion of the association when to open the transfer window.

The Marsaxlokk players were considering the possibility of not attending the game against Valletta on Sunday but after considering the fact that the club is co-operating with the MFA as they try to find a solution, the players decided to go on with this weekend’s game. After this game, the players will assess the situation and decide accordingly.

Mamo stressed that it was of utmost importance for the club to have enough funds to cover medical expenses or surgery in case of injuries. For Sunday’s game, Marsaxlokk have promised that they will have a physiotherapist on the bench.

The Marsaxlokk players complained that due to the absence of a coach, the team is not physically prepared well for the games and following the departure of Florent Raimy and Carlos Campagnoli, who left the club with mutual consent, there is a limited number of players to choose from.

The biggest concern for players was the lack of an insurance or medical cover although it was important for the players to be paid their dues.

Malta Football Players Association president Dr Anthony Galea said the association met the Marsaxlokk F.C. committee and presented them with an action plan. One of the requests was for the club to recognise the amounts due to the various players and the time-frame for the payments.

Carlo Mamo said that unfortunately there was no smooth transition between the previous and the current administration and the club seems unable to produce documents which show the amounts the players are due. He stressed that the players need “black on white” what they are due and a guarantee over a medical cover. As regards the latter, he said that after the players had called the press conference, they were promised by the club that the players would be able to avail themselves of a number of sessions at the MFA clinic.

Mamo said the players were requesting the intervention of the Malta Football Association to open the transfer market since at this point, the transfer of players would give the club the necessary funds to improve the current situation.

The Marsaxlokk captain concluded by saying that despite the several constraints, the players will continue doing their best as shown last weekend during the 5-3 win over Hamrun Spartans. But during the same game, it was evident that the players’ physical condition was deteriorating and by time, this could get worse.

Malcolm Licari, who was among the eleven Marsaxlokk FC players present for the press conference, thanked the Malta Football Players Association for their support and the General Workers Union for hosting the press conference.