Floriana request no more appointments for referee

Floriana FC announced that they had written to MFA Director of Refereeing Mr. Adrian Casha and MFA General Secretary Mr. Joe Gauci expressing their disappointment at referee Marco Borg’s performance in the U*BET FA Trophy quarter final against Hibernians.

The club said this had adverse effect on the the club – repercussions include serious financial implications due to the club’s potential lack of participation in UEFA competitions.

Floriana FC listed three controversial episodes which occurred during the game and mentioned the fact that a Floriana player was penalized by video evidence a couple of days earlier following a report by one of the match inspectors.

The statement says that the club, after considering the whole context of this situation, was left with no other option but to officially request that Mr. Marco Borg is never again appointed to control any matches involving our club. This request should be granted in the good sense of fair play, and, at the same time, to stop the ‘drain’ of more and more volunteers and supporters from quitting Maltese football as a result of such problems.