Clayton Failla returns for the derby

Clayton Failla is expected to make his return for Hibernians in the derby against Tarxien Rainbows after the National Anti-Doping Appeals Panel accepted the appeal filed by the player.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Anti-Doping Commission announced that pursuant to the national legislation and the WADA Code, the National Anti-Doping Appeals Panel accepted the appeal filed by Clayton Failla.

The Panel reformulated the decision pronounced by the National Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel on the 27th September 2012 exclusively with regard to the penalty whereby the appellant Clayton Failla was sentenced to a period of ineligibility of four (4) months, and instead sentenced Clayton Failla to a period of ineligibility of three (3) months, starting from the date of provisional suspension, namely from Wednesday 20th July 2012.

Clayton Failla returned an adverse analytical finding for Ephedrine in a urine sample provided on 25th June 2012 following a Euro Cup match between Valletta and Hibernians. This substance is included on the World Anti-Doping Prohibited List 2012 under the Stimulants (Specified Stimulants) category and is consequently prohibited under the Malta Anti-Doping Rules.

Failla will therefore be eligible to participate again in any capacity with any sport organisation registered with the Kunsill Malti għall-iSport from the 21st October 2012.

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