UEFA solidarity programe: Amounts to be distributed to clubs, nurseries revealed

The Malta Football Association revealed the amounts which member clubs and their nurseries will be receiving as part of the UEFA solidarity programme earmarked exclusively for the training of young players. This was announced during a meeting of the Council of the Malta Football Association which was held on Monday.

The association received the sum of €274,951 – an amount which is slightly less than last year.

Clubs with a team taking part in the Youth League (Under-19) will receive €2,000 while the amounts which their nurseries will receive depend on the licence they hold. This means that clubs with a team in the Youth League and a nursery with an A-Licence will receive €5,312 in all, those with a B-Licence €4,650 and holders of C-Licence €3,987.

For the first time, the thirteen nurseries in Gozo will be receiving a maximum of €500.

The Youth Football Association will receive €30,000 while the Gozo Youth Football Association will benefit of €15,000.

Meanwhile the Board of Internal Auditors confirmed that money derived from UEFA solidarity payments earmarked for youth development was not given to clubs in its totality for a number of years between 2002 and 2007.