Under-13 Girls Academy's day trip to Gozo

20130605-204304.jpgThe MFA Women’s Department organised a day trip to Gozo for the Under 13 Girls’ Academy. It was an occasion which the girls really enjoyed and appreciated.

While in the sister island, the girls played some friendly mixed gender games against teams chosen from the nurseries in Gozo.

It was a tough test for the youngsters but a lot of positives came out from these matches. The girls worked very hard and tried their best to play attractive football which all those present enjoyed including some parents who were there to support them.

After the football games which took the form of a festival the girls were taken to a restaurant for a meal, following which fun games were organised by their coaches on the sandy Ramla Bay.

The day turned out to be a useful and enjoyable building-up exercise for the Under-13 group. Their parents were thankful to the MFA for organising such an event.