Johann Said says he will not attend Floriana FC AGM

Floriana FCFormer Floriana FC president Johann Said will not attend the Floriana FC Annual General Meeting which is due to elect the committee for season 2013/14.

In a statement, Said said that despite rumours, he was only interested in helping Floriana FC and no other club. However following reports that current Floriana FC president Stephen Vaughan declared that as long as he is still president, Johann Said was not welcome at the club, the latter said that he will not attend so that the AGM can take place in a most serene way in the interest of the club.

Said however said that he is ready to meet and speak to members and supporters, not in the presence of Stephen Vaughan, where he could explain about what had happened and present the documents members and supporters are requesting. In such a meeting, Johann Said would also speak about the club’s future so that the club would be back in place it deserves.