Prime Minister hosts new MFA administration at Castille

darmanin-demajo-joseph-muscat2013The new MFA administration, led by President Norman Darmanin Demajo, met Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat at Castille, discussing various themes of interest for both the MFA and the Government. Among the main issues which were discussed were financial assistance by the government to clubs for infrastructural projects and the revision of the contracts regarding the land concessions given to clubs to allow commercialisation.

“The MFA invested heavily in infrastructure and now needs the final push by the government in order to conclude the projects started three years ago. Sport usually provides for a short career and therefore it is positive for the Government to consider financial incentives which encourage those who practice sports despite the financial challenges,” said Darmain Demajo.

The MFA President stressed about the need to revise the contracts covering land leased to clubs which does not allow any degree of commercialisation so that clubs could guarantee their sustainability.

Darmanin Demajo also urged about the need of a special tax rate for those working in the sports sector and for a stronger collaboration between the Government and the association with regards to the fight against match-fixing. In the presence of the Prime Minister, Darmanin Demajo praised the work being done by Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth & Sport Dr Stefan Buontempo.

Dr. Muscat said the Government is committed to supporting sport on different levels. He said sport infrastructure was one of government’s main priorities. He said football clubs need to adopt a more professional set-up, not only due to UEFA regulations but also because this could lead to more investment and long-term planning.

“The Government is committed to support the Malta Football Association in the fight against those elements which go against the true values of sport by giving the right legal tools. The Police will also collaborate with the MFA in the investigation of cases being put forward.”

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth & Sport Dr Stefan Buontempo and an official from the Secretariat of the Prime Minister Sandro Craus.

The MFA delegation was made up of President Norman Darmanin Demajo, General Secretary Joe Gauci, Treasurer Ivan Mizzi, Vice-Presidents Ludovico Micallef, Dr. Chris Bonett and Alex Manfre’ and Chief Executive Officer Bjorn Vassallo.

Photos: Copyright © domenic aquilina