Course for doctors in medical services to footballers

doctors-course2013Development in the field of football medicine is vital to the well-being of players. Medical teams, including doctors, ambulances, medical rooms, life-saving equipment and other facilities in this field ensure that the footballers can avail themselves of specialised and modern medical attention.

UEFA and national associations supported by clubs are doing invaluable work in the area of sports medicine, with the European body providing the initiatives through its medical committee and its specialised medical unit.

The European Confederation’s commitment to develop new areas in football medicine related to prevention and treatment of injuries through the UEFA Football Doctor Education Programme is finding positive response from the national associations.

A doctor’s course in medical services to footballers is the latest initiative by the Malta Football Association to toe UEFA’s line in propagating knowledge on modern medical techniques. This course for medical doctors specialising in football was held at the MFA Technical Centre over two days, on Saturday and Sunday, the 24th and 25th August. Leading doctors who specialize in various areas of prevention and treatment of injuries led the Course which was attended by doctors who form part of the National teams’ structure, as well as others from the clubs. Special equipment which is used for immediate treatment of injuries was used during the Course practical sessions.

This activity should definitely provide more groundwork for our doctors and medical teams which would ultimately help them in rendering optimal services to players during pre and post match situations.

Such a praiseworthy initiative by our national association would go a long way towards helping our players compete in a safe and healthy environment.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina/MFA