Esther Azzopardi Farrugia invited to attend Summer Gathering for UEFA Top-Referees

Esther--AzzopardiEsther Azzopardi Farrugia has been invited to attend the Summer Gathering for UEFA Top-Referees course staged by UEFA in Geneva and Nyon, Switzerland between the 2nd and 4th September.

Forty-seven male referees and twenty-one females were invited to attend. These include 23 Elite category male referees, 15 Elite development category male referees and 9 selected First category male referees and 16 Elite category female referees and 5 Elite development category female referees.

The main objectives of the gathering are to learn from the experience of the previous season’s UEFA matches; emphasise the key points for the 2013/2014 season, including the new interpretation of Law 11; and test the fitness level of the participants.

Referees will be required to pass a fitness test in the morning of Tuesday 3 September.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina