Hamrun Spartans allowed to pay fine in two instalments after Council revokes decision

MFAThe Council of the Malta Football Association revoked a decision it had taken last month where it had overturned a decision by the Executive Committee against Hamrun Spartans.

The Executive Committee had originally decided to allow Hamrun Spartans to pay the €10,000 fine which had been imposed by the Board to Adjudicate Charges Relating to Bribery and Illegal Betting in Football in two instalments by the end of December rather than paying in full on November 3rd.

Hamrun had appealed against the MFA Council’s vote taken last month to annul the decision by the MFA Executive Committee.

Speaking in a Council meeting on Thursday, MFA President Norman Darmanin Demajo said he had committed a mistake in allowing a vote on the matter by the Council and said that as indicated by Dr Chris Bonnett during the previous Council Meeting, the Council could not vote on such matter since there was no “blatant breach of the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Association”. Therefore the options were two – either revoke the Council’s decision or allow Hamrun Spartans take the case to the Appeals’ Board.

The council voted in favour of revoking the decision taken by the Council last month and therefore the Executive Committee’s decision to allow Hamrun to make their payment in two instalments by the 31st December is to stand. All Council members voted in favour except for one who voted against and another who abstained.