Philip Farrugia, Chris Lautier to control matches in San Marino

abela-farrugia-lautier-attardAnother two Elite Referees shall be in charge of matches in San Marino this weekend as part of the referees’ exchange agreement.

On Saturday, Philip Farrugia makes his debut in international football as the referee in charge of Fiorentino vs Cailungo at the Montecchio Stadium, while on Sunday former FIFA Referee Christopher Lautier will be in charge of the Libertas vs Folgore / Falciano at the Fiorentino Stadium.

Sammy Attard and Peter Abela have been appointed as assistant referees in both matches while Philip Farrugia and Christopher Lautier alternate their roles as referee / Fourth Official.

Referee Observer Alexander Spiteri shall be accompanying the refereeing team to assess the performance of Mariarosaria Speranza, who is the referee of Murata vs Pennarossa at the Fiorentino Stadium on Saturday at 1500hrs.

These appointments in foreign leagues are an important feature of the Malta FA Refereeing Department’s commitment to create opportunities for match officials who are not on the FIFA List. The experience gained is of great benefit to the referees themselves and to Maltese football.

Photo: Copyright © domenic aquilina