Instructional meeting at Tarxien Rainbows Nursery

John-Lych-at-tarxien-nurseryTarxien Rainbows Nursery held the first instructional meeting of the season for its coaching staff. UEFA B Licensed Coach John Lynch, who has worked with the Manchester City Academy and the Bury FC Centre of Excellence, delivered this meeting. The main topic of the meeting was about retention of the ball.

Mr Lynch has in fact worked a full session with the Tarxien Under-13 squad, which session was also observed by Fgura coaches.

This special day, was only the first one of continuous programmes designed by Mr Lynch and the Tarxien Rainbows Director of Youth Coaching, Mr Renzo Kerr Cumbo. In fact, the ex Manchester City coach, has also visited the Under-13s playing a couple of friendlies, and provided the team’s coaches with fruitful information. He has also delivered a session about final-third decision-making to the Under 19’s and he had also coached the seniors ladies team for one session.