Precious points for Vittoriosa

rabat-vittoriosa140308Vittoriosa Stars moved third in the Relegation Pool as they registered a third win over bottom-placed Rabat Ajax this season, beating them 3-1.

The Stars therefore returned to winning ways after a draw and two defeats in the last three matches. For Rabat, this was the seventeenth game without a win.

Rabat lacked Dani Pelaez, Adam Smeir and Zachary Tanti while Francisco Arriagada Mella was missing for Vittoriosa.

The Ajax had the first attempt at goal with Ryan Micallef testing Mario Muscat with a shot from inside the area following a cross from the left by Diego Carrillo on the 5th minute. On the 15th, Leonardo Torri received a cross from the right but Velimirovic somehow managed to neutralise his attempt. Five minutes later, Velimirovic was prominent with a fine save on Jose Filipe Aguiar from outside the area.

Vittoriosa took the lead on 21 minutes when Oscar Guerrero, served by Marcelo Pereira, managed to beat the Rabat custodian with a diagonal shot from the right.

Rabat replied with a Diego Carrillo freekick hitting the upright on 32 minutes.

The Magpies equalised eight minutes in the second half when off a cross from the left by Diego Carrillo, Jonathan Bajada’s fine rising shot gave Mario Muscat no chance.

However Vittoriosa regained the lead on 62 minutes thanks to Carl Sammut who hit low past Velimiarovic following a good run on the left flank by Guerrero.

The Stars sealed the issue ten minutes from time when Guerrero took advantage of a defensive blunder, serving Carl Sammut and the latter passed the ball to the unmarked Marcelo Pereira on the left who hit home.

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VITTORIOSA Mario Muscat, Ousmane Sidibe, Leonardi Torri (59′ Carl Sammut), Jose Filipe Aguiar, Gilbert Martin, Oscar Guerrero, Samir Arab, Marcelo Pereira (82′ Federico Santaguida), Ryan Mifsud (68′ Clive Spiteri), Malcolm Buttigieg, Michael Camilleri.
Subs not used: Sean Cini, Clive Brincat, Luke Vella Critien, Siraj Arab Eddin.
Coach: Oliver Spiteri

RABAT Pavle Velimirovic, Shaun Gauci, David Azzopardi (12′ Patrick Borg), Dylan Falzon, Ivan Carapic, Joseph Caruana, Jonathan Bajada (88′ Aidan Azzopardi), Sorin Oproiescu, Ryan Micallef, Malcolm Licari (77′ Wayne Borg), Diego Carrillo Pendas.
Subs not used: Jonathan Azzopardi, Sacha Cortis, Etienne Scicluna, Stefan Cortis.
Coach: Steve D’Amato

Referee: Malcolm Spiteri
Assistant Referees: Edward Spiteri, Albert Borg Cardona
Fourth Official: Adrian Azzopardi
Yellow Cards: Torri, P. Borg, Guerrero, Buttigieg
Scorers: 22′ Oscar Guerrero (V); 53′ Jonathan Bajada (R); 62′ Carl Sammut (V)
BOV Player of the Match: Oscar Guerrero