#numru12: Supporters have their say

numru12For a long time, supporters have remained silent and never spoke up collectively. #numru12 – a video produced by Steve Zammit Lupi, brings together supporters from fifty-three clubs in Malta and Gozo who launch an appeal to bring the game back to the fans and promoting it in order to attract more people to the stadiums.

“Over the past years we have seen the downfall of Maltese football, the local sport that shapes our lives and our passion for the game we love at stake.”

“We love football, we love our clubs and we love our villages. Football gives us identity and pride. We want to see Maltese football at its best.”

Photo: Copyright © Joe Borg

“Football is the people’s game. We want to see clean football, where players play for the shirt. On the field, we are rivals and compete each other, but off the pitch we have realized that we have a common goal; we don’t want to see empty stands.”

“This is #numru12, we are the twelfth player. We have come together in this concept that gives us a voice, so together we bring football back to the fans and promote the game we love.”

Together with Steve Zammit Lupi, the persons behind this video are Martin ‘Meme’ Attard and Matthew Mulholland along with the help and support of Alfred Attard, Kenneth Debono, James Aaron Ellul, Clinton Farrugia and Gianluca Lia.