Premier Division Standing Committee agrees on a league with three rounds

20110417-114224.jpgThe Premier Division Standing Committee is suggesting a Premier League with three rounds where after the end of the second round, points are halved and a third round is played between the twelve teams rather than the current Championship and Relegation Pool. The PDSC is suggesting that the team ending tenth will play a decider against the team placing third in the First Division with the winner playing in the Premier League the following season and the loser playing in the First Division.

As usual, the champions will play in the UEFA Champions League, the teams placing second and third will play in the UEFA Europa League while the teams ending eleventh and twelfth will be relegated to the First Division. This was announced in a statement by the PDSC on Saturday.

In a statement issued on February 28, the Premier Division Standing Commitee had announced that they agreed to retain the current format. However during the meeting which was held on February 27, it was agreed that representatives from the PDSC would meet MFA officials to discuss the possible change in format where the PDSC explained that they did not agree on the introduction of play-offs and play-outs and that points still had to be halved at the end of the first phase.

After this meeting, the Premier Division Standing Committee, put forward a proposal of having the league on three rounds with points being halved at the end of the second round. The twelve Premier League clubs were invited to discuss the proposal within their committees and a PDSC meeting was held on March 14 to discuss this new format.

The Premier Division Standing Committee agreed on this format and therefore the decision is final.

Meanwhile the PDSC deplored the fact that Birkirkara FC secretary Jason Deguara was held by Police after Birkirkara supporters threw flares at the National Stadium during the BOV Premier League match between Birkirkara and Sliema Wanderers on Tuesday despite the fact that it is the Police’s due to control that certain objects are not brought onto the stands.

The PDSC does not agree with the fact that the club secretary should be responsible for the supporters’ behaviour. The secretary should only be reponsible of activities organised by the club, with regards to necessary permits by Police and Local Council.