Referees from Northern Ireland to control BOV Premier League matches this weekend

National StadiumAs part of the optimum relations between the Malta FA and the Irish FA Refereeing Departments, this weekend will see the third referees’ exchange between both departments materialise.

Two BOV Premier League matches, namely Balzan vs Mosta on Saturday 22nd at the Hibernians Stadium, and Rabat Ajax vs Floriana on Sunday 23rd at the National Stadium, will be officiated by Irish officials.

Meanwhile, the Irish Football Association have invited Maltese match officials for two Danske Bank Premiership matches in April.

The referees’ exchange programme with various national associations is providing an excellent opportunity for our match officials to develop their refereeing skills and enhance their motivation, even if they are not on the FIFA List.

In recent years, various activities have been organised on Maltese soil with the participation of the Irish FA Referees’ Department under the direction of its head Alan Snoddy – who at the beginning of this season has been replaced by Lee Tavinder.

The activities include Alan Snoddy being the main lecturer during our local Elite & Category 1 Referees’ Seminar in August 2011 and at the Junior Referees’ Seminar in August 2013; the Winter Seminar/Training Camp for Irish referees held in February 2009 and February 2013; and the joint organisation of the Talent & Mentor Seminar in June 2013.