REACH OUT campaign coming to a close: Education Minister visits Projects' Exhibition

varist-visits-uefa-under-17-exhibitionAs part of its promotion of the UEFA European Under 17 Championship Finals, currently being held in Malta, the Local Organising Committee adopted the REACH OUT promo campaign which targeted the various sectors of local society.

Education Zone formed part of this widespread campaign which targeted students and school children from state and non-state primary and secondary schools.

Education Zone not only gave the opportunity to school children to be involved in the Stadium Experience, and for most of whom this might have been a first, but it also enticed them to benefit from the educational aspect that this event could offer.

Photos: Copyright © Joe Borg

Local schools were invited to participate by encouraging children to come up with works on topics that were set by the local organising committee to every school that applied. The topics varied from the social, traditional and cultural aspects of European countries. Other topics were respect, fair play and anti-racism in sport, as well as Valletta, Capital of culture 2018

Fifty-four state and non-state schools took part, and representatives of a panel of judges along with members of the Malta Under 17 National Team and/or tournament ambassadors paid visits to every single one of them and evaluated the work done by the students.

All schools participating in the Exhibition Project will receive vouchers which they can redeem against either books or sports equipment.

Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education & Employment, Rudi Zavryl, UEFA Delegate for the European Under 17 Finals and Jason Micallef, Chairman of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, visited the exhibition on Monday.

The Ministry of Education and Employment and the Valletta 2018 Foundation have been the main contributors towards the success of Education Zone.

Minister Bartolo said “We are delighted to have worked so close with MFA and the Valletta 2018 Foundation on these schools initiatives, and extremely glad that both intiatives have been so successful with high participation from the schools. We can witness the fact that when given the opportunity, chidlren will produce. The standards of the works on exhibit and the enthusaism shown while watching the matches is sheer confirmation of this.”

Mr. Bartolo added “I would like to congratulate the MFA on their achievements and professional commitment”

Mr. Rudi Zavryl, (UEFA Delegate) said “The photos taken today will speak for themselves. The works by the school children are as fantastic as the initiative itself”

Valletta 2018 Chairman, Mr. Jason Micallef said “The foundation is very pleased to have contributed to the success of this activity and augured that the success that MFA has managed to attain so far will continue right until the final moments of this sporting manifestation.”

MFA Head of Marketing, Norman Saliba finally thanked Minister Bartolo both for his personal input and the support offered by the Department of Education, He also thanked Valletta 2018 for their support, and finally the College Principals and the schools’ Headmasters/Headmistresses and teachers for their participation and collaboration.

The best twelve collective efforts have been on display at the Chamber of Commerce in Valletta since the start of the tournament and will remain on display until Wednesday 21st May.