Footy4U Summer Academy 2014

footy-4-u-new-logoFollowing last weekend’s successful live in camp delivered by English FA and Premier Skills coach Mark Fogarty, who also took note of some interesting young talent, Footy4U have once again launched their Summer Academy.

The objective of this year’s Summer Academy is to broaden the learning experience for every individual who enrolls at Footy4U. We are offering two programs – the Pre-Academy for kids aged 3-8 and the Academy for kids aged 9-15.

Footy4U will kick off on Thursday 3rd July and finish on Saturday 30th August. Sessions are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 08:00hrs to 13:00hrs.

The Pre-Academy program will see kids enjoy 1 mini-football session a day, followed by 2 multi-sport sessions. These multi-sport sessions will assist the kids in developing the fundamental skills of movement necessary for all sports, thus making the kids become more confident by the end of the summer. They will also enjoy a Swimming lesson together with a mini-workshop once a week.

The Academy program this year will consist of the usual training sessions based on the topic of the week carefully designed together with our partnership with Premier Skills (7 topics, 4 sessions weekly) from 08:30hrs to 10:30hrs; transport will then be taking the boys to their second part of the day from 11:00hrs to 13:00hrs. We’ll be adding indoor training sessions using another sport to aid the learning process and make the link to football (example handball for defending, basketball for transition and counter attack); we’ll be providing a body weight strength program, core and stability work out, and injury prevention exercises, all of which we will ask the kids to do at home and this will allow us to monitor the progress, and our goal with this is to get the players to be disciplined and carry on their workout plans after Footy4U; we’ll be organising workshops on values and life-skills which are so essential off the pitch such as communication skills, leadership, working in a team etc; we’ll also bring in a qualified Swimming coach who will deliver a lesson once a week to all players; and we’ll end the week with tournament games with special attention to that particular topic.

The venues this year are: Pembroke Athleta Football Ground, Spinach Fitness Club, Tal-Qroqq National Pool, University Sports Hall and the IPES Lecture Rooms.

We have 3 special guests lined up to visit the kids throughout the summer: a coach from professional sides in Italy, Belgium and Holland.

Do not hesitate to contact Academy Head Coach Andrea Vella on 99203574 for more info. Special offers are available until the end of the month.