MFA Assistant Referees' Coach at UEFA course

Philip-AgiusMalta FA Assistant Referees’ Coach Philip Agius is one of the instructors participating at the 3rd CORE (Centre of Refereeing Excellence) Development Course for referees and assistant referees, being held at the UEFA Headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, between 26th and 30th May 2014.

Various presentations will be delivered by UEFA Referee Committee members Marc Batta, David Elleray, Vlado Sajn and Kyros Vassaras, while Philip Agius and Leif Lindberg as assistant referees’ coaches shall be delivering offside technical instructions and conduct practical sessions, including also the role of additional assistant referees.

The training sessions at the Colovray Sports Centre will be run by UEFA Physical Fitness Coaches Werner Helsen and Mitja Novak, with special attention given to running style (filmed training session), instructions for own practical exercises and practical exercises with players which will all be analysed and discussed the day after.

The course participants will be screened for functional movement, weight and body composition. A fitness assessment based on the YoYo (for referees) and the ARIET (for assistant referees) will be carried out, followed by decision-making exercises.

Other topics addressed will be on integrity and lifestyle.