Msida St. Joseph appoint new executive committee

Msida St. JosephThe new Msida St. Joseph executive committee was selected and appointed for the upcoming season 2014/15.

Pride and satisfaction was drawn up after discussing the turbulent season of 2013-2014, in which most spectators and followers thought the club would be relegated to Division 2. Against all odds, Msida St. Joseph F.C. managed to hold their place in Division 1. This energy and drive to continue moving forward is what steered the members to appoint both seasoned veterans of the game and club as well as new faces to further strengthen the vision of the club.

The new Msida St. Joseph F.C committee is made up of president Edward Calleja, vice-presidents Alan Abela-Wadge and Robert Farrugia, general secretary Steve Farrugia, treasurer Richard Galea, assistant secretary/media Paul McAlister, team manager Stephen Lovegrove, kit manager Ian Micallef together with Jesmond Abela, Joseph Cini, Karl Pace.

Robert Farrugia will be the club’s MFA Council Member, Roderick Zahra the Under 19 Delegate while the MFA Delegates are Edward Calleja, Alan Abela-Wadge and Jesmond Abela.

Msida St. Joseph is also pleased to announce that Mr Joseph Demarco has once again been appointed as Honorary President of the Club for his outstanding work during his time with the committee as well as after his retirement.

The new committee would also like to convey its special thanks to Keith Abela-Wadge who was an active member of the committee over the past 10 years. Mr Abela-Wadge has decided not to form part of the committee this year for personal reasons however will still be active within the club. The committee thanks Abela-Wadge for his diligent work over the past decade for the good of Msida St. Joseph F.C. as well as the sport in general.

The newly formed committee is already underway discussing the upcoming season by reviewing and analysing past games, performance and results so as to come out stronger in the upcoming season.

The committee would finally like to thank all their players, staff and supporters for their continued support and motivation without which none of the success achieved in recent years would be possible.