Premier Division Standing Committee meets MFA Integrity Officer

The Premier Division Standing Committee’s position in the fight against match-fixing in the local game were discussed in a meeting with MFA General Secretary Bjorn Vassallo and MFA Integrity Officer Franz Tabone.

In a statement, the Premier Division Standing Committee said that during the meeting, the two parties discussed the various measures that needed to be taken to fight match-fixing that was crippling the game around the world, with the local game being no exception.

The PDSC and the MFA officials expressed their determination in the battle against match-fixing and agreed the importance that the two parties work together with a joint-strategy to identify the persons and organisations which are harming the game for their personal interest.

The PDSC declared full faith in the honest and responsible officials who dedicate long hours and give their full commitment to manage clubs. A number of proposals were put forward to fight corruption in a most concrete manner. These proposals were agreed in a meeting of the PDSC and will be presented officially to the association for consideration and eventual implementation.

The Premier Division Standing Committee once again stressed it fully backs the Malta Football Association in the fight against corruption and football and urged the authorities to support the association in its bid to free the game from illicit and criminal activities.