First female referee to control Futsal First Division match

Another milestone for refereeing in Malta was reached recently when 18 year old Stephanie Axiak became the first female to officiate in an Gatorade Futsal First Division League match between Siggiewi and Birzebbuga (3-4).

Stephanie Axiak’s first season as a Futsal referee dates back to a couple of seasons ago at the age of sixteen. Since her early days, she showed tremendous commitment and worked hard by attending regularly training sessions, instructional meetings and seminars organised by the Futsal Refereeing Unit.

Amongst her accomplishments so far, Stephanie Axiak was appointed Timekeeper in the Championship final at the end of her first season. She also officiated successfully in a Futsal School Festival, prior to being entrusted with her debut in a Division 1 match.

Shouldered by experienced FIFA Futsal Referee Franco Cachia and Timekeeper Esther Schembri, Stephanie Axiak performed very well in her debut. Her outstanding personality, positive sense of positioning and optimum physical condition were truly encouraging signs of an upcoming young female referee talent.

Stephanie Axiak’s future looks bright and her debut in a Futsal Division 1 League match will undoubtedly foster more interest by young females to act as match officials.