Another change in format for Women’s League

The BOV Women’s League will be divided once again in two divisions with six teams playing in the Women’s First Division and the remaining playing in the Women’s Second Division as from next season.

The six teams in the BOV Women’s First Division will be playing on a four-round league basis. The teams in the BOV Women’s Second Division will also play on a four-round league basis. This season, the eleven teams played on a one-round league basis before the top-six teams played in the Championship Pool and the bottom five in Section B.

Meanwhile the MFA Executive Committee accepted a request by Kirkop United to field a second team which will take part in the Women’s Second Division. Kirkop placed sixth in the BOV Women’s League Championship Pool this season.

The B team cannot be promoted to the First Division and in case, the team gets a promotion spot, the team placing behind them would be promoted.

The list of players for the first team and the B team will be distinct and a player can register for only one team during the season. No transfers will be permitted from the first team to the B team, or vice-versa, throughout the season, not even during the January transfer window.