Clayton Pisani, Esther Azzopardi among best referees for UEFA course in Nyon

FIFA Referees Clayton Pisani and Esther Azzopardi have been invited by UEFA to join other top international European referees for the important 2015/2016 Pre-season Preparation Course for UEFA Top Referees from 12 to 14 August 2015 in Geneva and Nyon (UEFA HQ), Switzerland.

This summer gathering follows the UEFA winter courses earlier in the year, and the match officials will be given detailed advice on various refereeing topics aimed at achieving uniformity in their decision-making in the coming season.

In addition to the twenty-one Men Elite Category referees, the 68 Men First Category referees (including our own Clayton Pisani) and the 18 Women Elite Category referees, Esther Azzopardi is one of two women guest referees invited by the UEFA Referees’ Committee.

The main objectives of the gathering are to learn from the experience of the previous season’s UEFA matches, to emphasise the key points for the new season and to check the fitness level of the participants.