Luxol coaches in England as part of Erasmus+ project

Luxol Sports Foundation together with New College Pontefract in the UK have joined together in a project where ten of their Coaching staff have been selected to participate in a Mobility for a week in September.

The purpose of this trip is for their Coaches to evaluate how football is delivered … in nations across Europe – in this case, UK – and to compare other techniques and ideas with what is currently being delivered in Malta.

Luxol Sports Foundation has initially defined placement objectives in terms of skills and competencies to be developed. In order to fully benefit from such an amazing opportunity it was felt that it would be wholly appropriate to invite coaches from all levels of the game of football, professional, semi professional, junior and adults, as the trip would be built around experiencing the same levels of the pyramid within the UK.

The appropriate target country and Host Organization were chosen to be New College Pontefract in the UK, with Pontefract being the ideal place to base the visit giving the close proximity to a variety of Clubs in the area.

The project duration and placement content were discussed between Luxol Sports Foundation together with the host organization in order to achieve these objectives. The trip will cover not only the coaching delivery but also the methods, ideals and principles of how coaches work with players at professional Clubs. In addition, Coaches will be able to access the foundation work put in place by the Clubs to include facilities, administration, structure and development.

An evaluation with each participant will take place in order to assess the personal and professional development achieved through participation in the Erasmus+ programme. This will be done upon completion of the trip where the coaches will be expected to record their experiences, evaluate what they see and hear and draw conclusions as to what is different, how they can benefit from their new experiences and what they could practically implement within their own structure.

To ensure that the trip is beneficial to both the sending partner (Luxol Sports Foundation) and the host partner (New College Pontefract), the visiting coaches will be expected to share these ideas and opinions not only amongst themselves but also with the delivering club so as to broaden the thinking of all parties.

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