Pre-season seminar for Futsal referees in Sicily

Fourteen Futsal referees and three referee observers are currently in Nicolosi, Sicily, for an intensive three-day pre-season seminar organised by the Malta FA Refereeing Department between the 18th and 20th September.

This is the first time that pre-season training for Futsal referees is being carried out abroad and the initiative taken goes in line with the Refereeing Department’s philosophy of providing opportunities of growth and development for all its match officials.

The main lecturer at the seminar will be Massimo Cumbo, a well-known personality in Futsal. Massimo Cumbo is the Chairman of Futsal Referees in Italy, as well as being a FIFA/UEFA Futsal Instructor and Referee Observer.

Other presentations will be delivered by Futsal Instructors Gjergji Bitri and Stephen Mallia, who together with Adrian Caruana are the persons in charge of the Futsal Refereeing Unit within the Refereeing Department.

The seminar will provide the participants a combination of theoretical and practical sessions, focusing on the referee’s personality, reading of the game, positioning, teamwork, communication and pre-match instructions.

The participants will undergo tests on the Laws of the Game, match situations and use of English language.