Maltese officials appointed for UEFA Under-19 mini-tournament

The Malta FA Refereeing Department has appointed FIFA Assistant Referee Jurgen Spiteri and Elite Referee Trustin Farrugia Cann to act as Assistant Referee and Fourth Official respectively, during the UEFA Under-19 Championship 2016 Qualifying Round Group 6 mini-tournament to be played at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Ħamrun and at Hibernians Stadium in Paola this week.

The teams taking part with hosts Malta are Israel, Denmark and Iceland.

Messrs Jurgen Spiteri and Trustin Farrugia Cann will be involved in the the games Denmark vs Iceland at the Hibernians Stadium on Tuesday, Israel vs Iceland at the Victor Tedesco Stadium on Thursday and Denmark vs Israel at Victor Tedesco Stadium on Sunday.

The referees will be Neil Doyle (Ireland), Tihomir Pejin (Croatia) and Daniel Stefanski (Poland); while the other assistant referees will be Wayne McDonnell (Ireland), Goran Pataki (Croatia) and Marcin Boniek (Poland).