Maltese officials to control games in San Marino

The Malta FA Refereeing Department announces that as part of the referee exchange agreement with the San Marino Football Federation, a team of Maltese officials shall be controlling two matches in the top division league in San Marino at the end of this week.

Elite Referee Fyodor Zammit shall be in charge of the La Fiorita vs Folgore match at Domagnano on Saturday while Elite Referee Malcolm Spiteri shall be in charge of the Tre Penne vs Pennarossa match at Montecchio.

For the above two matches, Fyodor Zammit and Malcolm Spiteri shall alternate their roles as referee/fourth official; while Elite Assistant Referees Paul Apap and Ryan Aquilina have been appointed for both matches.

The team of officials shall be accompanied by Referee Observer Reynold Balzan, who will be on duty for the matches Cosmos vs Tre Fiori on Saturday 28th, and the day after for Domagnano vs Cailungo; both matches to be played at FC Fiorentino stadium.