Refereeing seminar for promotion nominees

A Half-Day Seminar for all promotion nominees was organised by the Malta FA Refereeing Department last Saturday 14th May, as part of a restructuring process that will witness an expansion of match officials in all different categories.

The vast majority of the 44 candidates are aged between 18 and 32, thus in line with UEFA’s policy of providing new opportunities to young match officials. This, together with the valid experience of older candidates, will surely help in ensuring a wider range of options for the Refereeing Department as from next season.

The Seminar included sessions related to various topics such as offside, the handling of major situations, team work and cooperation, fitness testing, as well as a mock test related to the Laws of the Game.

The Seminar was coordinated by Acting Director of Refereeing Kevin Azzopardi and Refereeing Officer Philip Agius.

All examinations will be held in the coming weeks.