Application for work permit necessary for registration of non-EU foreign players

Clubs willing to sign non-EU foreign players will now have to submit a copy of the application for the work permit along with the registration forms as the Malta Football Association will be enforcing its regulations with regards to work permit requirements for non-EU players.

The decision is the result of two protests which were lodged towards the end of the season by Floriana and Hibernians regarding the eligibility of a number of Birkirkara non-EU players. In both cases, the protests were not upheld.

MFA vice-president Dr Chris Bonett said that for a club to sign a non-EU player, it must present a work permit or an application for the work permit along with the registration documents.

If the application is turned down, then the players would be considered as non-bona fide players. This is also the case for players whose work permit expires.

Valletta, Birkirkara, Hibernians and Balzan were given an exemption from this rule due to their participation in UEFA competitions but need to have all documents in order before domestic competitions kick-off.