The Sliema Wanderers Nursery Quest Vitamins Street Football Festival

sliema-nursery-new-logoSliema Wanderers will be organising a ‘Street Football Festival’ on the 1st of November at our premises. It will be during mid-term holidays, starting at 09:00, coming to an end at around 14:00.

This is a new concept whereby participating teams will play two sessions of ten minutes each per game. It is only during the break that the coach may effect substitutions and speak to the kids. Otherwise, the coaches will just watch their children playing from a distance without giving instructions or changing any positions. There will not be referees and the kids will be asked to solve the issues between them.

The age-group would be Under 7s (born 2010), playing five-a-side, including keeper.

There will not be official groups, nor line-ups or classifications.

The principle is to re-create the concept of street football.