A tragedy waiting to happen: Minimum medical requirements non-existent in MFA competitions

After earlier reporting multiple shocking incidents in the local game where players did not have even the most basic medical assistance on site, the Malta Football Players Association issued another statement following another incident which took place at the Victor Tedesco Stadium where Yessous Camilleri suffered a serious injury that could have jeopardised seriously his health and football career.

“Once again, an ambulance was not present at the stadium during the game. Once again, the health, fitness and well-being of a player were put at stake, because in Malta, clubs and MFA are still allowed to get away with not providing a safe working environment for players. Once again, a player had to lay injured and cold, waiting for over 30 minutes for an ambulance and proper medical attention that should have been on site.”

“The MFPA remains outspoken about these unacceptable and illegal practices until incidents continue to happen.”

The statement says that the MFPA will continue to insist on this until this was rectified. The MFPA called on the MFA Council and MFA top officials to take immediate remedial action on the matter.

“Should the MFPA’s statement, once again, fall on deaf ears, the association together with the players will take action and if necessary involve the competent authorities. The safeguard of players’ fitness and health, is not only a player’s right, but also essential to the good of the game. The provision of an ambulance and medical assistance at all venues were organised football is played is the bare minimum.

Finally, the MFPA looks forward to the day when it could report, that proper measures were introduces by the clubs and MFA to ensure these incidents do not happen again.”

The MFPA wished Yessous Camilleri a speedy recovery.